Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where to Get Calcium

One concern for those on an MSPI diet (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) is where to get calcium without dairy or soy.  For this post, I’m going to provide a list of foods that can be calcium sources (in alphabetical order).   The list comes from books and various websites - not all of them are ones we've tried to incorporate yet and, in all honesty, there are a few I don't know much about.

In future posts, I’ll provide more information about some of the foods, such as:
  • in-depth information regarding calcium content by serving size,
  • how we incorporate them into our diet,
  • ways to “trick” kids into eating them (when needed), and
  • other dietary information about each food.

Calcium Rich Foods List:
  1. Acorn squash, cooked
  2. Almonds
  3. Agar-agar
  4. Beans
  5. Blackstrap molasses
  6. Bok choy, cooked
  7. Broccoli, cooked
  8. Cereal, calcium-fortified
  9. Chard, cooked
  10. Collards, cooked
  11. Dandelion greens, cooked
  12. Figs, dried, uncooked
  13. Hazelnuts (filbert)
  14. Hummus
  15. Kale, cooked
  16. Kiwi, raw
  17. Kombu
  18. Lentils, boiled
  19. Mustard greens, cooked
  20. Nori
  21. Ocra, cooked
  22. OJ, calcium fortified
  23. Parsley
  24. Quinoa, cooked
  25. Raisins
  26. Rice milk, fortified
  27. Rice milk cheese
  28. Sesame seeds, whole roasted
  29. Spinach, cooked
  30. Sunflower seeds, dried
  31. Tapioca (dried)
  32. Tortillas, corn, calcium fortified
  33. Turnip greens, cooked
  34. Wakame
  35. Walnuts